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The Biopharmacy group is committed to excellence in teaching.

The contents of the lectures and practical course are


  • introduction to biopharmacy in general and to basic pharmacokinetics
  • interpretation of concentration/time profiles
  • competence for designing therapeutic regimens
  • risk assessment in individuals with monotherapies as well as in the cases of comedication with two or more drugs
  • potential of pharmacokinetics for individual drug therapy and for the development of adequate drug formulations

Biotransformation of Drugs and Xenobiotics  

  • introduction to drug and xenobiotic metabolism reactions and the responsible enzymes
  • recognition of potentially toxic metabolites and potentially toxiphoric groups in a molecule
  • mechanisms of bioactivation and toxification
  • introduction to genetic variabilities in drug metabolism and their consequences
  • introduction to inter-individual variabilities in drug metabolism, including drug-drug and food-drug interactions and consequences thereof

Laboratory Course in Biopharamcy

  • preparation of liver microsomes and study of a metabolism reaction
  • determination of n-octanol/buffer partition coefficients, logP, logD
  • characterization of serum albumin binding of a drug by equilibrium dialysis

Courses at ETH in spring term

Number Unit Lecturer
535-0002-00L Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences II  C. Halin Winter,
K.-H. Altmann,
S. M. Ametamey,
M. Detmar,
J. Hall,
S.-D. Krämer,
J.-C. Leroux,
D. Neri,
U. Quitterer,
R. Schibli,
G. Schneider,
I. A. Werner Kaeslin,
H. U. Zeilhofer
535-0240-00L Laboratory Course in Biopharmacy  S.-D. Krämer
535-0241-03L Biopharmacy   S.-D. Krämer
535-0241-AAL Biopharmacy  S.-D. Krämer

Courses at ETH in fall term

Number Unit Lecturer
535-0241-AAL Biopharmacy  S.-D. Krämer
535-0250-00L Biotransformation of Drugs and Xenobiotics  S.-D. Krämer
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